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Jo's Journal - December 2019

Posted: by Jo Friday, 29 November 2019 @ 16:31

November started busily for us, taking Mantra to the ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ Festival in Birmingham on the first weekend.

This is a long-standing event, one of the longest-running alternative health and wellbeing events of its kind. It’s a chance for us to meet many of you in person, as well as to introduce Mantra to a new audience.

We always take our engraving machine to pop-up events like this, and love being able to engrave our larger ‘myMantra’ pendants for you, with your own personal mantra.

Sometimes, you take inspiration from one of our existing mantras – one lovely lady had ‘Be the best version of me’ engraved on hers, as a reminder to always step up and be her best self, especially when teaching others.

Other times, you come with your own special phrase. Another lady knew immediately that she wanted the line from the heart-warming religious poem, ‘Footprints in the Sand’, engraved – ‘It was then that I carried you’.

For me, having my own mantra engraved on a necklace gives me real comfort and strength. It acts as a prompt and reminder, and reading or recalling it can really change my mood and mindset, in an instant. My personal mantra for this year has been, ‘A peaceful, easy feeling’, but I also return often to ‘Change my thoughts, and I change my world’ – a reminder from Norman Vincent Peale that I am in control of how I experience much of life.

We are now well into the festive season, with many of our online orders containing uplifting Christmas wishes and heartfelt messages, to be printed on the accompanying jewellery card. We love this time of year, as it’s when a thoughtful piece of Mantra Jewellery, carefully chosen to be perfect for the recipient, makes such a memorable Christmas gift.

I have always loved Christmas – time with family, enjoying the traditions of the season. This year will be slightly different for me – a much quieter affair, now that both my parents have passed away. But it opens to door to something new, and the starting of new traditions. I’ll be in Cornwall with my husband – just us, enjoying the peace and quiet, taking long walks around the cliffs and on beautiful beaches.

mantra jewellery jo stroud

Before we reach Christmas, however, we have a busy few weeks. We’re thrilled to be launching our new Disc Bracelets – something you have been asking for – this month. Our 6 most popular Disc Necklaces have been recreated as matching bracelets, which are also engraveable on the reverse.

We also have half a dozen new Earring designs launching before Christmas, matching our most popular Symbol Necklaces. This includes the Phoenix, Family Tree and Dreamcatcher, which are our bestselling symbols. We’re so excited – they look beautiful as earrings! Look out on our social media and online for the launch in early December.

Over on our ‘Feel Inspired’ blog, I’ve written a piece on how to have a mindful Christmas, as the festive season gets into full swing. Mindfulness is something we really prioritise here at Mantra – the emotional and mental discipline of being absolutely absorbed in the moment, and paying proper attention to it.

It’s all too easy to rush from one thing to the next, or be distracted by thinking about something else, rather than being fully focused on the person, activity or task in hand – so we sometimes need a tangible anchor to remind us to be present. We intend that a piece of Mantra Jewellery can act as that anchor.

But there are other things we can do, to bring a mindful approach to life, and especially to such a busy occasion as Christmas. Do take a look at my tips, over on the blog.

That’s me signing off for this year. Do have a lovely, relaxed and mindful Christmas, and I look forward to catching up with you all at the start of the new decade.

Lots of love, and Happy Christmas!

Jo xxx


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