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Jo’s Journal – April 2020

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 31 March 2020 @ 04:25

It is hard to overstate how surreal and bizarre things feel today.

When I sat down to write ‘Jo’s Journal’ less than a month ago, we had just come back from a pop-up event in London that was busy and packed and full of laughter, before there were any real Coronavirus fears in this country. Back in the carefree days, when life was normal. 

We were looking forward to attending two more London pop-up events with Mantra – Live Well London and the Mindful Living Show. Both went ahead as planned, in those next two weeks - but with around 50% less footfall, as Coronavirus fears were just starting to make people nervous about crowds. But people still laughed and joked about it - we saw one elbow bump, but much hugging and handshaking. 

Anna and Jo at an event before Coronavirus outbreak   Jo Stroud with Emily Quinton

At that first event, I met up with Emily Quinton, as we planned a collaboration together. We talked about her mantra, we settled on how to bring it to life as a necklace, and we huddled together closely over moodboards and pictures as we discussed her work. You can read more about our new collaboration here.

Now, I am working from home part-days, and in the office for the other couple of hours, as we man the office on skeleton staff in order to keep sending out our uplifting jewellery - and the UK is in semi-lockdown. 

And now, more than ever, I am going to need all the positivity and resilience I can muster, that comes from years of reading personal development books and focusing on the positives. I wouldn’t say that I am a naturally positive person, but I have always understood, intellectually, that positivity is like a muscle that needs exercising. I have also grasped, over many years, that being able to manage and control our thoughts is the single greatest skill any of us can have. 

I wonder if I was drawn to create Mantra Jewellery four years ago, because it’s what I needed in my life at that moment? A tool to help with positivity and presence. Something to stop me rushing through life on autopilot. Something to help stop a negative thought in its tracks, while the mind grabs for a positive one in its place. 

Some phrases I have needed in my life over the years have become some of our best-loved, go-to mantras. Some words I have read in uplifting and inspiring books have inspired others of our mantras. And some of our mantras have come from words I have written more recently, to respond to events in my life.  

Deep down, I have a fundamental belief that words have power. The power to change our mood and our mindset. And even in these dark days of the virus, I know I can change my thinking by saying powerful words to myself.  


‘Change my thoughts, and I change my world’ 

‘If it doesn’t challenge us, it doesn’t change us’ 

‘I let go of fear, I let go of worry, I let go of doubt’ 

‘May I always see light in the darkness and sunshine in the shadows’ 


Let’s use this time to make a change. To value more the front line staff, the medics, the nurses, the carers.  

To truly appreciate how supermarket teams are being called upon to be strong, committed and resilient.  

To recognise that doing less - staying at home, out of the way, not adding to the problem - really is the right thing to do. 

And to come back together as a nation as we get through this, with a different understanding and appreciation for public spiritedness, human kindness, selflessness and society. And a rejection of greed, selfishness, profiteering and individualism.  

If it doesn’t challenge us, it doesn’t change us. We have certainly been challenged. Now we need to change. 

Stay safe. 

Jo x 


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