Emily Quinton x Mantra: Our new collaboration with creative expert, Emily Quinton

Emily Quinton Mantra Necklace Moodboard

Here at Mantra, we are very excited about our latest collaboration with leading creative expert, Emily Quinton.

Emily is a photographer, blogger, author and maker. She lives in South London with her four children, and runs the Makelight Community, where she teaches others to take beautiful images, and encourages people to lead a creative life.

One of the reasons we love Emily is because she is passionate about helping and inspiring people to be creative every day. She believes we can be creative with anything and everything.

I love this belief. I always thought I would become a writer – a novelist, in fact – when I was at school, as I loved creative writing and poetry, and entered every creative competition going. I also loved drawing, and took my sketchpad everywhere.

But as I grew up and started working, that overt creativity disappeared, and I completely stopped writing for pleasure or drawing pictures. I thought for a long time that I had become ‘uncreative’.

Over many years, I realised that I was simply channelling my creativity differently. Running your own business demands huge and continually changing creativity. Creative thinking, lateral thinking, idea generation – you name it, a Business Owner needs it. And when I launched Mantra in 2016, which is all about writing inspiring words and designing pieces of jewellery to bring those words to life – that has brought my creativity firmly back centre-stage.

So, Emily’s passion for helping people to recognise their creativity, and her encouragement that we can all do something creative every day, is truly inspirational.

She is firmly of the belief that life is better for being creative, and this is a philosophy that she brings her four children up with. They spend a lot of time together as a family doing creative things, including her amazing planning for half-term, with a shoebox a day filled with different creative activities.

When she and I discussed creating a Mantra Necklace together, Emily immediately knew what her mantra would be: 

‘Do something creative every day’. 

Emily Quinton Create NecklaceA Mantra necklace is a tangible reminder of a powerful and uplifting message, to help you connect with something important to you, or to remind you of something you may have forgotten.  

Wear Emily’s ‘Create’ necklace to bring Emily’s mantra to mind, on a daily basis.  

That creative something may be as simple as arranging some flowers in a vase, cooking a new recipe, taking a photo as you walk through the park, writing in your journal, or playing make-believe with your children. Or it could be more involved: writing some pages of your novel; starting a knitting project; or decorating a room.

The perfect reminder to yourself, or an inspiring gift for a friend who has forgotten that creativity is about having fun, not having talent.  

Our new necklace collaboration with Emily Quinton launches at Easter, priced £45 in Sterling Silver and £55 in Rose and Yellow Gold-plated Silver. 

Come back in a couple of weeks to be the first to order it. 



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