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Gifts for tough times: why we’ve all moved on from flowers and chocolates

Posted: by Jo Thursday, 23 June 2016 @ 15:41

When you want to show a friend you are thinking of her, at a tough time in her life, a lovely bouquet of flowers, a box of handmade chocolates or a home-baked cake used to be the go-to gifts for all of us. 

Perfect to make her smile, and remind her that there is still joy and beauty in the world, even in dark times.

But we have all come to realise that there are many more thoughtful and personal gifts around. Finding space for flowers, and even a free vase, is hard, if many friends have also had the same idea; and in these more health-conscious times, cakes and chocolates can prove unwelcome.

My belief is that jewellery makes one of the most powerful and thoughtful gifts for tough times. Jewellery can convey a message and an emotion like nothing else:

  • It is personal – you wear it close to you
  • It is portable – you carry its emotion with you, by wearing it
  • It is precious – in what it is made of
  • And it is permanent – a constant reminder of the thoughtfulness of your friend, long after flowers have faded, and cakes and chocolates have been eaten


Gifts for a friend having a tough time

So, next time you want to let her know she is in your thoughts, choose a piece of jewellery that speaks to you. One that symbolises what you want to say. One that she can wear for years to come, reminded of the positivity and optimism that you are wishing upon her, and the happy thoughts you are sending her way.

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