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The story behind the mantra – Find a way

Posted: by Jo Monday, 1 October 2018 @ 15:19

Mantra Find A Way Necklace   Diana Nyad Find A Way Book

We created this necklace to remind and encourage us that we can always find a solution, to whatever we face in life.

The mantra tells us to ‘find a way’ - spurring us on to dig deep, keep going, stay focused - until we find a solution. It encourages perseverance, resilience, determination, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

We were inspired to use this particular phrase, by the remarkable story of Diana Nyad, who swam 111 miles across shark-infested waters from Cuba to Florida. It was virtually impossible, as the waters are dangerous, the distance is very long, and the navigation incredibly hard. But Diana kept trying, from the age of 30.

She succeeded on her fifth attempt, at the age of 64! She was absolutely determined that one day, she would find a way to succeed, so she never gave up trying. ‘Find a way’ became her mantra for that last attempt.

This is such a great example of persistence and determination, and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and challenge. It acts as an encouragement to us all, whether in our business lives, our personal lives, or our emotional lives – to keep going, to keep trying new approaches and making new attempts, until one day, we find a way to succeed.  

We decided to bring this mantra to life using two crossed arrows, each pointing in a different direction. An arrow signifies movement and direction; but having two arrows crossed over reminds us that there isn’t only one way to do something, or one path to follow. It is up to us to persevere, to keep trying, until we find the right way for us.

Choose our ‘Find a Way’ necklace when you are facing tough times, or difficult circumstances; or you need a dose of motivation and encouragement to keep on going, to keep on trying. It is also a great mantra for life, as a philosophy to live your life by.

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