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Christmas Gift Ideas for my Daughter

Posted: by Abby Tuesday, 13 November 2018 @ 14:43

If you are looking for a thoughtful, personal and lasting Christmas gift idea for your daughter, then you will love Mantra Jewellery

Mantra is Sterling Silver jewellery, designed to inspire and uplift the wearer. Each piece symbolises a positive and motivational mantra, with perfect messages to inspire your daughter. 

You can make your Manta Jewellery even more personal by using our engraving service to inscribe your own message on the back of many of our pendants.There's also the option to add a birthstone to lots of our pieces too. 

Jewellery makes the perfect Christmas gift for your daughter because it is so personal, long-lasting and precious. When it also has a special meaning, as Mantra does, then it is even more powerful.

Choose a Sterling Silver disc pendant with motivational words inscribed, or a pretty and fashionable symbol that your daughter will love. Each piece comes with a powerful and uplifting mantra to repeat to herself when she needs a moment of inspiration or calm. 

Dreamcatcher - 'Dare to dream'

Sterling Silver North Star Necklace


North Star - 'May you always find your way'

Sterling Silver North Star Necklace

Believe - 'Believe in yourself. We do.'

Believe Necklace - Smart Works Charity

I breathe in calm, I breathe out stress

Breathe Necklace - Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation Jewellery

Choose to shine

Star Necklace - Christmas Gift Ideas for her

Love Mandala Personalised Necklace - choose your own message

Also comes as earrings, or as a necklace & earring set

Hamsa Hand necklace bracelet earrings

You can also choose one of our 'About You' necklaces, with your daughter's zodiac symbol or her initial. This is a lovely way of highlighting her name and the special day she was born. The zodiac pendant shows her Star Map - how the stars were aligned when she was born. 

These can be bought as a set of two, with 10% off!

Initials & Zodiac Star Map Gift Set

The Sterling Silver designs from Mantra Jewellery are delicate and on-trend, perfect for layering. Priced from £25 to £55, with many available in Rose and Yellow Gold-plated Sterling Silver also, they are perfectly priced to be an affordable but lasting Christmas gift for your daughter. 

Each piece of jewellery comes on a card with an uplifting image and the mantra, for your daughter to keep. On the back, it reads, 'I chose this mantra because...' with space for you to write a personal message to your daughter. Here you can tell her why you picked that specific message, just for her. 


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