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Christmas Gift Ideas for my Daughter

Posted: by Pallavi Wednesday, 16 May 2018 @ 13:18

If you are looking for a thoughtful, personal and lasting Christmas gift idea for your daughter, then you will love Mantra Jewellery. 

Mantra is Sterling Silver jewellery, designed to inspire and uplift the wearer. Each piece symbolises a positive and motivational mantra, with perfect messages to inspire your daughter. 

Jewellery makes the perfect Christmas gift for your daughter because it is so personal, long-lasting and precious. When it also has a special meaning, as Mantra does, then it is even more powerful.

Choose a Sterling Silver disc pendant with motivational words inscribed, or a pretty and fashionable symbol that your daughter will love. Each piece comes with a powerful and uplifting mantra to repeat to herself when she needs a moment of inspiration or calm. 

May you always find your way

Sterling Silver North Star Necklace

Believe in yourself. we do - Necklace designed for Smart Works charity 

Believe Necklace - Smart Works Charity

I breathe in calm, I breathe out stress

Breathe Necklace - Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation Jewellery

Choose to shine

Star Necklace - Christmas Gift Ideas for her

You are loved, protected and blessed - Hamsa Hand of Fatima

Comes as necklace, earrings and bracelet. Can be bought as a matching gift set too.

Hamsa Hand necklace bracelet earrings

Close each day with a smile

Sterling Silver Smile Necklace - Christmas Gifts

You can also choose one of our 'About You' necklaces, with your daughter's zodiac symbol or her initial. This is a lovely way of highlighting her name and the special day she was born. The zodiac pendant shows her Star Map - how the stars were aligned when she was born. 

These can be bought as a set of two, with 10% off!

Initials & Zodiac Star Map Gift Set

The Sterling Silver designs from Mantra Jewellery are delicate and on-trend, perfect for layering. Priced from £25 to £55, with many available in Rose and Yellow Gold-plated Sterling Silver also, they are perfectly priced to be an affordable but lasting Christmas gift for your daughter. 

Each piece of jewellery comes on a card with an uplifting image and the mantra, for your daughter to keep. On the back, it reads, 'I chose this mantra because...' with space for you to write a personal message to your daughter. Here you can tell her why you picked that specific message, just for her. 


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