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Chloe Brotheridge Collaboration

Posted: by Jo Thursday, 22 August 2019 @ 10:32

Chloe Brotheridge Collaboration Necklace

We are always on the look-out for inspiring women to work with here at Mantra – particularly those that have a powerful message to share. And our new collaborator, Chloe Brotheridge, is no exception. 

Chloe is the author of bestselling book, ‘The Anxiety Solution’, as well as a brand new book on self-confidence, called ‘Brave New Girl’. She is a qualified hypnotherapist, and professionally trained business and personal coach, who has helped thousands of people to overcome crippling anxiety and self-doubt.

As Chloe says, “Living with anxiety and low self-confidence is frustrating at best, at worst, a living nightmare. But I am here to let people know that change is possible. I've done it myself, and helped hundreds of clients to do the same. That calm and self-assured person is inside you”. 

She has been featured widely in the press, including the Daily Mail, Red, The Independent and Women’s Health; and has contributed to the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and many more wellbeing websites.

I have met Chloe several times now, at various wellbeing events, and she is one of the calmest, loveliest people you could meet. I am so pleased to be working with her on a Mantra collaboration. Chloe has some great tactics and techniques to help you calm your anxiety, and talks from personal experience in her books. She also hosts an excellent podcast, ‘Calmer You’, and gives a percentage of her online course profits to charity. In fact, for this collaboration with us, Chloe is donating her fees to the Rainforest Alliance, a cause she feels passionately about. 

Chloe’s mantra is, ‘I am brave. I move forwards with confidence’ – a clear and positive affirmation to say to yourself when doubt or fear sets in. To me, wearing a Mantra necklace is like having your own personal life coach with you, all the time. It gives you a tangible reminder through the day of an important piece of wisdom or life advice. Chloe’s mantra is a great example of exactly the right piece of advice we need at certain moments in our life.

We worked with Chloe to bring this to life as a necklace. She was very keen on having a Chakra design, based on the Solar Plexus Chakra, as this is associated with your level of confidence and personal power, giving you the energy to move forwards in life with courage.We looked at two different designs initially – a disc, and a cut-out design. Chloe went with the beautiful and delicate cut-out design, which is priced at £25.

Read more about Chloe’s work www.calmer-you.com


As seen on Chloe Brotheridge:

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