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Be my kindest self

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 26 September 2017 @ 11:18

This month's focus on being our best selves is all about kindness. Actively choosing to be kind in our lives.

The opposite of kindness isn't usually unkindness: it's neutrality. Not noticing, not caring, not doing. 

Most of us don't set out to be unkind. But our behavior can often be thoughtless, rushed, selfish or unhelpful, without really meaning to be. We can have unkind thoughts about people we don't know, making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. Or we can simply be too wrapped up in our own busy lives to notice when other people need help.Bow Necklace

So, this month, we want to make a positive decision to be kind - say kind words, take kind and considerate action, have kind thoughts. None of us knows what another person is going through - their struggles, fears, worries, challenges, or circumstances - so it is always better to be kind.

Some of the simple things we plan to do here in the Mantra team include:

  • Being more observant of strangers in need of help - carrying heavy bags, crossing the road, needing a seat on the bus or tube
  • Smiling, greeting, thanking and chatting to people we can take for granted, like people at ticket offices, on checkouts, or clearing tables
  • Giving our time freely and willingly when people ask for help or advice
  • Paying for someone's coffee or groceries
  • Cutting people some slack, instead of criticising or complaining
  • Complimenting people
  • Thinking well of strangers, rather than judging, and sending them happy thoughts and good wishes
  • Putting ourselves out for people
  • Offering to go food shopping or do chores for an older person
  • Volunteering 

There are so many opportunities to be kind in life that we simply don't take. So this month, let's all be our best selves by really embodying kindness. 

Share your stories of people who have been kind to you; read our blogs about wonderful examples of kindness; and let us know how you get on this month being the kindest version of you. 

Our new 'Be Kind' Mantra necklace to support action against bullying launches next month - read more here

‘In my words, thoughts and actions, I choose kindness’ 

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