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#mybestself CALM

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 31 October 2017 @ 13:10

As November starts, before the busy Christmas season, it seems an appropriate month to work on our levels of calmness.  

We all have days when we feel life is too busy, hectic and stressful. We take on too many projects, have too many responsibilities, make too many commitments. And often we have no choice in the matter.  

So, being in control of our emotions, slowing down, and staying calm, all help us to embrace the busy-ness, rather than finding it stressful.  

Here are our five guiding principles at Mantra for staying calm:    

1. Slow down:

When you feel overly busy and stressed, do the opposite of what you might think: slow down, rather than speeding up. You'll feel more in control, and you'll see how elastic time is.    

2. Breathe:

Easy and obvious maybe, but taking some slow, deep breaths, focusing on just your breathing for maybe ten breaths, really does bring a sense of calm.

3.  Move:

If you feel your stress levels rising, and anxiety or frustration starting to set in - change your physical state. Run up and down some stairs, go for a brisk walk, do some star jumps! Anything to put your energy into moving your body, not churning your mind.    

4. Sleep:

Go to bed earlier, or take a nap if it's practical. Recognise that tiredness makes you feel overwhelmed and out of control much more rapidly.    

5. Repeat a calming mantra:

Pick a phrase, and say it to yourself, convincingly, several times over. 'I feel calm, safe and grounded', 'I breathe in peace, I breathe out stress', 'My heart is full of serenity and peace'. Your mind will start to believe you.    


Share with us your stories of how you remain calm and unruffled, while all around you chaos rages.  


And take a look at our new 'Breathe' necklace, the perfect gift for someone you know who may appreciate the reminder to slow down and embrace tranquillity.    


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