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7 things you know if your best friend is a teacher

Posted: by Rhian Monday, 13 June 2016 @ 13:41

For those of us not in the profession, when we think of teachers we tend to think of a 6 week holiday in the Summer and a 4pm finish, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are 7 things you’ll know if your bestie is a teacher…

You don’t see them on a school night!




Yep, they won’t be partaking in your traditional cinema and cheeky Nandos Wednesday, they’ll be doing a zillion other things, marking, lesson planning and trying to catch up on sleep. Teacher friends are weekend friends (if they haven’t been drafted in to coach a sports team or go on a school trip).


Their house is messy but their classroom is spotless



They spend more time in their classroom than at home and it’s their pride and joy! Their kid’s artwork over the walls, pens have their lids back on and in their special boxes, but your friend’s house is quite the opposite!


It’s like being out with a celebrity in town



Every other person will be shouting ‘hi Miss’ or whispering under their breath at the sight of their teacher out in the real world. Remember this when you have lunch plans, always add contingency time to allow for the constant hellos and conversations with every parent.


Holidays are expensive



If you and your bestie are holiday buddies then get ready to pay double the amount! Flying in summer holidays means you’re paying a premium, but you don’t care because there’s no one else you’d rather spend your holiday with.


No long weekends, no weekday weddings



Our teacher friends don’t get the luxury of choosing when they use their holiday, so if you’re getting married on a Sunday be prepared for them to pull a Cinderella, they’re 100% back to work tomorrow.


They’re always ill but they’re never off sick



Head lice, every single cold, stomach bugs and any other type of illness, they’ve had it, on repeat and they’re still at work, leaving you feeling slightly guilty about your ‘duvet day’.


They're sick of the sight of apples

It may seem funny, ironic or traditional, but no one needs 30 apples on the last day of term. Their favourite gifts have been thoughtful touches from grateful kids or appreciative parents. We suggest turning that snack into a long lasting reminder of their hard work!


Apple jewellery teacher gift

So here's to them, our hardworking, dedicated, inspirational friends raising the future generation - we salute you!


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