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7 mantras for your daughter this Christmas

Posted: Friday, 25 November 2016 @ 13:29

We designed mantra as a way to show love, appreciation, luck, protection, direction, happiness or inspiration. Packaged on beautiful cards with an inspiring image and uplifting mantra, their piece of jewellery will remind them of you, and of your positive wishes for them. We want our daughters to grow up brave, determined and content – here are some mantras for your little girl!

When life pulls you back aim forward

Let them know that one of the greatest achievements in life is bouncing back, whatever life throws at us. This mantra will remind them that they always have your support, but that you know they’ll overcome any obstacle

I am fearless & therefore powerful

It’s been a tough year for women, let them know that they can achieve anything, let them know that strength and determination are feminine qualities to be proud of

Be happy, be bright, be you

Let her know that the single most important thing in the world is happiness. Whatever they do you’ll be proud of them, as long as they’re happy, and they already make you proud just by being them

All things are possible if you believe

We love this positive affirmation, dreams can come true, you can achieve whatever you want in life all you have to do is believe in yourself

You’re the greatest gift

Having her is your proudest achievement, let your daughter know that every day is a blessing because of her

Sail away from the harbour. Explore, dream, discover

The world is her oyster and you can’t wait for her to find her own feet. Let her know that she will never be walking in anyone’s shadow – she’ll light up her own path

May my body be strong, my heart wild and my spirit free

This mantra is a firm favourite with the team, a positive affirmation for any moment. Celebrate her free spirit and strength with this necklace.

Disc pendants can be personalised with an engraving on the reverse, perhaps their date of birth or their name, or maybe a pet name you have for them! Merry Christmas x


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