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5 mantras for your best friend at Christmas

Posted: Monday, 5 December 2016 @ 13:29

We designed mantra to be the perfect gift for someone you cherish. You can show them love and appreciation or wish them luck, success and protection, or inspire them to keep being their best self. Here are our top mantras for your best friend this Christmas…

Be fabulous, be you

They are perfect just the way they are, let them be reminded of that every day with this necklace

Be happy, be bright, be you

The single most important thing in life is happiness, but it’s hard to remember that sometimes. Give your bestie a constant reminder that the little stresses and worries in life will pass, what’s really important is her happiness

Side by side or miles apart, you are always with me

We love this mantra to remind your friend that no matter where you are, your friendship bond will never be broken

You’re the greatest gift

Friendship is a gift, one of the greatest gifts we’re blessed to receive. Let your friend know that your friendship means the world to you

We shine brightest together

As a pair you’re unstoppable, you can tackle anything life throws at you and everything is brighter when you’re side by side. Celebrate your unbreakable bond with the ‘we shine brightest together’ mantra 


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