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Mantras for Mum

Posted: by Jo Monday, 15 February 2021 @ 13:03

Here are some perfect mantras to celebrate your mum – show her what she means to you and what she has done for you...


‘The love in our family runs strong and deep’

A loving mantra that shows your mum how important family is to you, and celebrates the reassurance, safety and strength you draw from your close family ties.

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  ‘Strong women: may we know them, may be raise them, may we be them’

Is your mum your ultimate role model? Someone you see as a strong and inspiring woman, who has been there for you all your life, giving you strength and motivation. Tell her so.

mantra strong women

‘I feel loved and connected’

The perfect mantra for mums and daughters, celebrating the connection between you, and your loving connection with the world around you.

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‘I love and am loved’

Tell your mum how much you love her, and celebrate her love for you, with this powerful mantra, ‘I love and am loved’. A perfect mantra to celebrate the love between you.  

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'Love, loyalty & friendship'

Celebrate the love and friendship between you and your mum, with this traditional Celtic message of love and loyalty, symbolised by the Claddagh.



'Side by side, or miles apart, you are always with me'

You and your mum may not be in the same physical location, and you probably can’t spend time with her at the moment – so show her she is always with you, no matter where you both are.

mantra family and friend necklace


'May I awake each day renewed'

Wish for deep relaxation, regeneration and renewal for your mum, so she sleeps deeply and peacefully at night, and awakes each morning full of energy and enthusiasm for the day

mantra renewal necklace


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