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5 mantras for an Aries

Posted: by Sinade Monday, 18 March 2024 @ 11:24

When is Aries Season?

An Aries is born between 21st March and 19th April. It is a is a fire sign, symbolised by the Ram and named after the Greek God of War.

What are the characteristics of an Aries?

Those born under Aries are said to be bold and energetic, ambitious and passionate and follow their hearts.

What can I buy an Aries as a gift?

Here are five mantras for an Aries to champion their personality traits...

May my body be strong, my heart wild and my spirit free

 free spirit necklace

Recognise their strong will and drive to succeed but encourage them to also embrace freedom of spirit, with the our 'Strong, Wild & Free' Disc Necklace.


I open my heart to new experiences, without expectation

Heart chakra Necklace

The mantra for our Heart Chakra encourages them to approach new opportunities in an open-hearted way.



She who is brave is free

 Plume Feather necklace

Our Plume Feather is a symbol of bravery, a reminder to live life boldly and courageously.


I do more than live life. I celebrate it.

 starburst necklace

Their high energy is infectious. Gift our Starburst Necklace to show how their enthusiasm inspires those around them.


I celebrate the woman I am

sacral chakra necklace

Gift the Sacral Chakra Necklace to honour all their characteristics, qualities and experiences and remind them to keep being unapologetically them.



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