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5 mantras for an Aquarius

Posted: Monday, 15 January 2024 @ 11:25

When is Aquarius Season?

An Aquarius is born between 20th January - 18th February. It is a water sign, symbolised by the water bearer.

What are the characteristics of an Aquarius?

Those born under Aquarius are true free spirits and march to the beat of their own drum. This bohemian sign has an unwavering sense of justice, and always fights for what they think is right.

What can I buy an Aquarius a gift?

Here are five mantras perfect for the Aquarian in your life...

She who is brave is free

Plume Feather Necklace

Celebrate their free spirit and vigour, with this Plume Feather Necklace. The mantra is a reminder that they are the master of their own destiny.


Hard word brings sweet rewards

Bee Necklace

With their natural intelligence, those born in Aquarius will always land on their feet, gift them this mantra, for our Bee Necklace to remind them that they can achieve anything they want if they put the work in.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams

Compass Necklace

A natural explorer, new experiences fill the Aquarian with joy. Their intelligence and spontaneity mean they can get bored easily, remind them that new experiences are always around the corner with this beautiful Compass Necklace.


Love, loyalty & friendship

Claddagh Necklace

The Aquarius value their friendships and love deeply, their kind nature can be celebrated with the Claddagh Necklace, a reminder that their loyalty doesn't go unnoticed.


You give a hand to hold, a heart to care

Ahimsa Hand Necklace

Their social conscience makes them someone who cares deeply They give support, encouragement and help to those who need it most. Show your gratitude with our Ahimsa Necklace

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