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5 mantras for a yogi

Posted: by Rhian Tuesday, 5 July 2016 @ 14:44

Whether you practise yoga 365 days a year, teach a class or have just started benefiting from practising, we think you’ll love these yoga accessories from mantra jewellery. With mindfulness, meditation and self-love in mind, we chose these mantras and their designs to be a catalyst for change and self-improvement. Wear yours every day to remind you of the benefits of living a healthy fulfilled lifestyle, sometimes the thought of donning our leggings and getting down to the studio seems too much at the end of a busy day, but touching the symbol and remembering the mantra is that little nudge we need to get moving!

Which one speaks to you?

Be the best version of you

lotus necklace mantra jewellery

Because at the end of the day, that's what we all strive for, and we often feel that after a bit of exercise and peace we feel at the top of our game.

Y is for…

y is for yoga necklace

If yoga is your first love then this is for you, perhaps it's where you first found quiet or it's where your new life began, wear your Y mantra to remind you (oh and if you happen to be called Yvonne then that's a happy coincidence)

I feel calm, safe and grounded

We particularly love the calming affect of yoga. If you're prone to anxiety or over analysing then let this anchor be a physical reminder that you're taking the right steps to keep yourself calm! 

Stay Strong

elephant necklace mantra jewellery

We love seeing the impressive things that you yogi's can do with your bodies - stay strong, keep practising and you'll achieve your goal. #strongnotskinny

Sky above me, earth below me, fire inside me

If you love yoga then you may already be familiar with this mantra. It reminds you of the grounding of the earth beneath your feet, the openness of the sky above your head and the energy centre inside of you. 

Has yoga changed your life? We'd love to know what it is about yoga you love, or if you know of an amazing class, share away!


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