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5 mantras for a Sagittarius

Posted: Tuesday, 16 November 2021 @ 15:17

This fire sign, symbolised by a set the Centaur, is a natural philosopher. Those born under Sagittarius (22nd November- 21st December) are characterised by their wanderlust, inquisitive nature and love for animals. Although this high energy sign must be given freedom to roam, they are loyal and loving and so always return home.

 Sail away from the harbour. Explore, dream, discover

For the wandering Sagittarius new experiences and travel are paramount, have yours engraved with your name or favourite place as a reminder of your travels and experiences

You are strong. You are capable. You got this  

Your love for nature means you turn to animals for inspiration. Embrace the strength of the elephant with these strength earrings.


I let go of fear, I let go of worry, I let go of doubt

Your philosophical nature means your friends go to you for logical and calming advice. You live in the present and your mentality is not to worry or fret.


 Today I will see all the beauty in my life 

Optimistic by nature, you see the best in people and in situations, and can easily look around you to find beauty and joy in the small moments.


Optimistic, truthful, fun loving

Embrace your sparkling character by wearing your star sign, a nod to the person you have worked to be and the person you’re destined to become.


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