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5 Mantra Gifts for a Sagittarius

Posted: by Sinade Friday, 17 November 2023 @ 13:56

When is Sagittarius Season?

A Sagittarius is born between 22nd November – 21st December. It is a fire sign, symbolised by a set the Centaur.

What are the characteristics of a Sagittarius?

They are natural philosophers, characterised by their wanderlust, inquisitive nature, and love for animals. Although this sign must be given freedom to roam, they are loyal and loving and so always return home.

What can I buy a Sagittarius as a gift?

Here are five gifts perfect for the Sagittarius in your life... 

compass Necklace

Compass Necklace, £29

For the wandering Sagittarius new experiences and travel are paramount, have their Compass Necklace engraved with their name or favourite place as a reminder of their travels and experiences.


Elephant Earrings, £20

Their love for nature means they turn to animals for inspiration. Encourage them to embrace the strength of the elephant with these earrings.


Let Go Necklace, from £39

Their philosophical nature means you turn to t hem for logical and calming advice. This Let Go Necklace allows them to continue to live in the present and not to worry or fret.


Daisy Necklace, £25

Optimistic by nature, they see the best in people and in situations. This necklace is a prompt to look around to find beauty and joy in the small moments.


Moon and Sun Bracelet

Moon & Sun Bracelet, from £39

Celebrate their optimistism by gifting our Moon & Sun Disc Bracelet, a nod to the person they have worked to be and the person are destined to become.

mantra lotus

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