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5 mantras for a Capricorn

Posted: Thursday, 16 December 2021 @ 11:00

Still waters run deep for this earth sign, symbolised by the goat. Those born under Capricorn (22nd December- 19th January) are meticulous, natural planners, adept at following a great plan for each stage of life. Although this sign can be reluctant to open up, once they have made a connection with someone they are a loyal friend for life.

Here are our 5 mantras for your star sign...

Hard work brings sweet rewards

Silver Bee Necklace

You are a natural hard worker, putting your all in to every project. Wear this mantra to congratulate yourself, hard work really does bring sweet rewards.


Without change there would be no butterflies

mantra butterfly necklace

You like to plan and find change daunting. Wear this mantra to remind you that while change can be scary – good things come out of new beginnings.


Love, loyalty and friendship

mantra claddagh necklace

Your relationships are the cornerstone of your life values, this mantra will remind you that you have a supportive circle, and that love, loyalty and friendship will guide you.


I am brave. I move forwards with confidence

mantra chloe brotheridge necklace

You’re naturally meticulous and like to have life planned out. Wear this mantra to remind you that you are brave, you can take risks.


Hardworking, loyal, sincere

mantra capricorn star map

Embrace your sparkling character by wearing your star sign, a nod to the person you have worked to be and the person you’re destined to become.

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