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Mantras for Patience

Posted: by Jo Thursday, 9 April 2020 @ 09:23

As the current crisis goes on, it’s easy to start feeling impatient and frustrated with the restrictions, and to wonder when life might get back to normal. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands, so each one of us has to cultivate a deep feeling of patience.  

Patience can best be described an attitude of acceptance and calmness, no matter what is happening around us. It is about trusting that the right thing will happen in its own timeframe, and making peace with that.  

Impatience, on the other hand, is linked to anger, ego and stress; it comes with a sense of entitlement, and a feeling of needing to be in control. It is an unwillingness to accept that life moves at its own pace; and a sense of personal affront when one is made to wait for something or someone.  

Try hard to cultivate patience, in these challenging times. Try to let go of the need to feel in control, and to let go of the illusion that you ever really had control. Now is the time to practise letting go, and to welcome calm and cheerful acceptance into your life. 

I know how hard this is – I am not always a naturally patient person. But I also know that I can find that deep sense of peace and calm, if I just remember to let go of trying to control things. I can find it easily when I’m on holiday, walking along a beach; and I can find it when I sit in my back garden, watching the sheep next door.  So, the trick is, to be able to find it here and now, when times are tough. 

Here are some mantras that help me embrace patience: 

Take one day at a time 

Take one day at a time

Live entirely in the present moment, by focusing keenly on what is happening today, rather than thinking about the future. Break life into smaller pieces - a day at a time - rather than looking into the future and feeling impatient for it. 

I feel calm, safe and grounded  

i feel safe and grounded

A good affirmation to repeat to yourself, which will come true the more you slow down your breathing and say the words calmly to yourself. Feel the earth solidly beneath your feet, and know that you are safe.

Surrender to the festival of life 

Surrender to the festival of life

A reminder to let go and just let life happen, rather than trying to control it. Life can be a festival of wonders, if we relax and embrace what life brings, rather than having expectations about what we want life to deliver us.  

I trust myself. I trust life. Everything is unfolding in perfect timing

Nicky Clinch Trust Necklace

Another mantra which reminds us to put our trust in life itself, to bring us what we need, at the time that we need it. You may not instinctively believe this – but living your life as if you have this belief will bring you great comfort and peace of mind.  

Today, I will breathe deeper. Exhale slower. Find the stillness within me 

I find the stillness within me

A powerful mantra to slow us down and encourage us to breathe deeper and relax. It is hard to feel impatient when we are calm and relaxed, so cultivate a pleasant feeling of stillness to help you face the day’s challenges.  

I let go of fear. I let go of worry. I let go of doubt 

Let go

Letting go is the answer right now. Let go of the need to feel in control. Let go of expectation. And try to let go of those negative emotions of fear, worry and anxiety.  

Times are difficult and unusual, and life is not how any of us would choose it to be right now. But it is out of our control, and the best thing we can do is to embrace a good-humoured and willing approach to the situation.  

Perhaps now is the perfect time to practise being a more patient person, as you give up trying to control all aspects of your life.   

I continue to hope that we get through this crisis as quickly and painlessly as possible, but I also know that we are in it for the long haul. So - stay strong, stay calm, accept what you cannot change, and be patient.  

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Jo xx 


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