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Mantra Jewellery at ‘The Best You’ Expo – what a great event!

Posted: by Jo Wednesday, 21 February 2018 @ 10:19

Mantra Jewellery at the Best You Expo

We were thrilled with our two days at ‘The Best You’ Expo last week.

We met some incredible people over the course of two days. Some had gone to the event seeking a new start after a difficult time in their lives; others wanted inspiration for a new project; others simply come to events like this to keep themselves open to innovative ideas and different approaches to life.

We were giving out positive mantras from our jars, as we always do at events. This simple way of connecting with people leads to so many deep conversations, wonderful encounters, and collaborative conversations.

We took our ‘Inspiration and Self-belief’ collection, and our ‘Happiness and Wellbeing’ pieces. The most popular designs at the event proved to be those around direction in life and living your dreams - the North Star, Compass and Dreamcatcher were all frequent purchases, with their inspiring mantras about finding your way in life and living your dreams.

Popular necklaces at the Best You Expo

Courage and bravery were also well-loved themes, along with self-belief - with the Plume Feather celebrating ‘She who is brave is free’, and the ‘Believe’ bar with its empowering, ‘Anything is possible, if you believe’ mantra, proving especially popular.

As a team, we can completely agree with the bravery message: all four of us took turns to hold a large tarantula, who was on one of the other exhibition stands. I have been terrified of spiders all my life, so never believed I would hold such a scary creature in my hands! But she was beautiful, and very fluffy - so I faced my fear, and held her for several minutes. I am optimistic that this will have helped me overcome my terror, next time I see a spider – I’ll let you know!

At the Expo, we also ran a workshop on finding or creating your own personal mantra. This was a very enjoyable event, with an engaged audience and some really interesting follow-up questions. Our ‘My Mantra’ necklaces proved very popular over the two days, with many people loving the chance to have their own mantra engraved on them.

So, if you haven’t attended a show like this before - all about self-development and personal growth - I would highly recommend it. We are taking Mantra to ‘The Mindful Living Show’ in Islington next, in early June - I hope we see you there!


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