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How to: De-clutter for a new season

Posted: by Rhian Tuesday, 29 March 2016 @ 09:54

There’s something exciting about the new season; every year we imagine that overnight the temperature will rise and the flowers will bloom and April 1st will kick-start Spring. But actually the exciting thing about a new season is the new start, it’s time to focus on the next quarter, our exercise starts to move outside, so does our dining, our thoughts are focusing on the coming months, on holiday planning, a buzzing social calendar full of heart-warming occasions and priceless times with the ones we love. So here’s to Spring, and with it, your new start!

1. De-clutter your brain

With lighter evenings and warmer nights, you can move your meditation outside. Winter is time for cosy meditation in fire light, but Spring is most definitely the time to take your mindful relaxation outside and benefit from the fresh air and Spring blossom. Sure you’ll still need a coat, but some you-time first thing in the morning will clear your head for a productive day ahead.

2. De-clutter your bedroom

Winter hibernation is officially over, we’ve all got our law degrees from watching Making a Murderer now so it’s time to move the laptop out of the bedroom and get in to a new routine. My Spring resolution is to start reading and stop scrolling at night! Blue light emitted from screens disrupts your sleep and makes you a pretty anti-social bed companion, so let’s put the phones away and make your room a sanctuary!

make your bedroom homely

3. De-clutter your wardrobe

One of my favourite things about a new season is the switching of wardrobes! OK everyone might not do this as obsessively as I do but I find it’s a great way to get real wear out of your clothes. Pack away your big jumpers and heavy jackets and get your Spring Summer clothes out, take the opportunity to see if you’ve fallen out of love with anything, it’s a great time to do a charity shop run.

4. De-clutter your desk

Take the time to map out your desk, a messy desk can often make your thoughts feel messy so put some time aside to sort it out. I’ve invested in a Buddha head and some nice stationary to make my work space more appealing and personal which instantly affects my productivity and mood.

TopTip: Keep a beauty box on your desk. I keep a hand cream, nail file and lip balm on mine, just a touch of luxury, relaxation and a short break can stop stress before it takes hold.

5. De-clutter your garden

You can now start to see your garden as an extra room in your house, and just like you would tidy your lounge or bedroom – it’s now time to tidy your garden. A really good sweep is a great place to start, it makes such a huge difference! Clear up any broken pots, wind up your hose, put your washing lines away and feel the benefit of a tidy outdoor space ready for meditation and Summer garden planning.

Don't have a garden? Bring some Spring blooms into your house, I snapped these ones at Liberty's but if money was no issue, I'd be subscribing to Bloom & Wild for freshly cut flowers through my letterbox every week!

beautiful fresh flowers


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