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Shooting Star Necklace in Sterling Silver

Luck & Success Mantra: Wishing You luck, laughter and joy

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Shooting stars are a traditional symbol of good luck, and are said to signify that an important change is coming.  For centuries, people have gazed up at the night-sky and wished on shooting stars. Wear this mantra to wish for good luck and good fortune.

Mantras are sacred words or phrases believed to have a positive effect on our well-being, reminding us of all that is joyful and beautiful in life. Repeat your mantra to yourself when you need some inspiration.

We have designed Mantra jewellery to give you a precious, personal, wearable and lasting reminder of your mantra.Wear your Mantra jewellery to bring inspiration and joy, every day.

The perfect Christmas gift to wish someone good luck in the new year.

Chain Length: 16-18 inches

Star Dimensions: 1x2cm

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver

The Mantra chain comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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