Anchor Necklace in Sterling Silver, for Protection

Protection and Faith Mantra: My anchor holds, despite the storms

Sterling Silver Anchor necklace
Sterling Silver Anchor necklace
Sterling Silver Anchor necklace from Mantra Jewellery
Anchor necklace gifts for her
Sterling Silver Anchor pendant necklace
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  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Free UK Delivery
  • 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain


The anchor is a symbol of stability, holding the vessel safe whether in calm seas or stormy weather. Wear your anchor to remind you that you have people and things you value in your life to act as anchors to keep you safe. If you feel stressed or anxious, hold your necklace and visualise feeling calm and safe.

The perfect gift for anyone feeling stress or anxiety or facing difficulties | a physical anchor for mindful practice

Our little Anchor Necklace, with its detailed design, is the perfect gift for anyone going through a difficult or stressful time; and a reminder of what holds you steady in life.

Mantras are powerful phrases, written to make a positive impact on our feelings. A mantra motivates and inspires us; it energises and calms us. Often, it builds our belief in ourselves. Take hold of your jewellery when you are wearing it, and say the mantra a few times, to give yourself a moment of space, calm and focus. 

We designed Mantra Jewellery to create a timeless and very personal way of being inspired by your mantra, whether you buy it for yourself or were given it as a gift. Wear your Mantra Jewellery to feel inspired and joyful each day.

Read more about meaning of Anchor in our blog here



Chain Length: 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain 

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver

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Letterbox friendly packaging - fits into your letterbox

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