Lotus Necklace & Earrings Gift Set | Sterling Silver

Lotus Gift Set - Lotus Necklace & Earrings
Lotus Gift Set - Lotus Necklace & Earrings
Lotus Necklace & Earrings - Yoga Gift Set
Lotus Padma necklace in Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Lotus Earrings
Silver lotus necklace for yoga meditation
Mantra letterbox size gift boxes
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  • 925 Sterling Silver
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  • Necklace Chain: 18-20" / 45-50cm
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The Lotus is a symbol of regeneration and purity, as the flower rises each morning through muddy waters to bloom again. It perfectly represents the chance we have every day to start afresh, making the choice to be the best version of ourselves. Wear this Lotus set to remind you that you have that choice.

Perfect gift to mark a new chapter or fresh start | encouragement to do your best | an uplifting mantra for life | to support someone feeling demotivated | Xmas gift

We love everything it stands for: beauty, strength, renewal, hope, overcoming challenges. The mantra reminds you to keep rising above whatever faces you, simply by being the best version of you.

This beautiful gift set combines the necklace, made from 925 Sterling Silver on an 18-20 inch chain, and matching stud earrings, presented on a beautiful card to keep, with an inspiring image on the front, and space on the back for your personal message.

A mantra is a sentence or phrase which has a powerful  effect on our mindset and mood. It is always phrased as a positive, encouraging us to be our best selves.  Bringing to mind, or saying a mantra out loud, motivates and lifts us.

Each piece of Mantra Jewellery has its own mantra, for you to call to mind when you wear it. Enjoy wearing Mantra Jewellery every day, to bring you a sense of joy and happiness.

Read more about meaning of the Lotus mantra in our blog here


Chain length: 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver

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Letterbox friendly packaging - fits into your letterbox 

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