All-Seeing Eye myMantra Personalised Necklace | Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

Personalise Your Mantra on a Sterling Silver Disc Necklace

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  • 925 Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold-plated Sterling Silver
  • 80cm & 45cm chain options
  • FREE engraving / personalisation  
  • Up to 4 lines, or 52 characters

This is a beautiful disc pendant with a highly ornate Eye cast onto the front, with rays of light shining out above the eye, and a lotus mandala pattern below. It features the All-Seeing Eye, or Eye of Providence, representing clarity of vision, guidance and illumination.

The reverse is left blank for your engraving. Choose a mantra or affirmation to engrave that is personal and powerful to you (up to 4 lines, or 52 characters).

It could be a phrase you have written yourself; an affirmation from a favourite writer, like Louise Hay; a quote from The Secret or other favourite book; or a piece of advice you have been given. Use your inspiring phrase when you need a push of motivation, or a reminder of your vision for the next stage of your life.  

Makes an inspiring self-purchase for a new direction or to prompt a change in mindset | perfect personalised gift for birthday, or simply to uplift and inspire


Our All-seeing Eye design represents vision, clarity and guidance - helping you to clearly visualise your future, and see a clear way forward in your life. 

We have illustrated this 'myMantra' with an ornate eye with sun rays shining out above it, and a crescent moon at its centre. These two symbols of light - the sun and the moon - show that the eye can see at all times, seeing everything clearly even in the dark of night.

The Lotus pattern beneath the eye represents the ability of the Lotus Flower to arise afresh through muddy waters each morning, appearing clean and pure despite the mud. It brings to mind fresh starts and new beginnings.

Read more about the symbolism of the Eye of Providence, or the All-Seeing Eye, on our blog. Draw on its powers to bring you guidance and illumination, as you continue on your journey of life.

Available in 925 Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold-plated Sterling Silver and 18ct Rose Gold-plated Sterling Silver. 

What to Engrave?

Choose a phrase to have engraved that is powerful, personal and emotive - words of wisdom to bring to mind when you need them; or a celebration of your personal beliefs and values. Engrave up to 4 lines, or 52 characters. 

Every philosophy of positive thinking, manifesting, or the law of attraction, includes a belief in the absolute power of affirmations, to help overcome limiting beliefs and change your mindset; or to help you manifest what you want in life.

'myMantra' is your way to carry your personal mantra or affirmation with you every day, or gift someone special with their very own motivational necklace.

Chain Length

We recommend these on our 80cm chain, so you can hold onto your pendant and catch sight of your inspiring phrase in the middle of a busy day, to change your mood and your mindset. However, a shorter 45cm chain is also available, if you would prefer to wear it short.

We hope your necklace keeps you feeling happy and inspired, with your own personal phrase engraved.

myMantra Video myMantra Engraving Ideas myMantra Gallery Pages

myMantra products are not exchangeable or returnable due to the engraving. Please enter your mantra at the checkout, with exactly what you would like engraved on to your pendant. Please be sure to check your email address as we will email you to confirm your order.

Max engravable characters: up to 52 characters


All Seeing Eye myMantra Dimensions

Chain length: 80cm long chain (45cm chain also available)

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold-plated and 18ct Rose Gold-plated Sterling Silver


Letterbox-friendly packaging - fits through your letterbox. We use Royal Mail for all deliveries. Read more here about delivery options and returns

Jewellery engraving at Mantra Jewellery is done by our in-house goldsmith who is a designer jeweller with over 30 years experience.  All of our engraved items take 5 working days to complete, on top of our delivery timeframe.
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