Treble Clef Charity Necklace, Modern Muse | Sterling Silver

Creativity Mantra: Find your melody, sing your song

Musical Note Sterling silver necklace
Musical Note Sterling silver necklace
Treble Clef charity necklace modern muse
Treble Clef Modern Muse Charity Necklace
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  • 925 Sterling Silver
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  • 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain
  • Charity Necklace


We are excited to launch our new fundraising necklace for Modern Muse, the charity working to raise aspirations, smash stereotypes and shift social expectations for young women in education.

Mantra Changes Lives - Charity Jewellery This Treble Clef necklace was designed by the charity’s Youth Ambassadors working with us, to create a meaningful piece designed to uplift and inspire, drawing on the power of words combined with the beauty of jewellery. The mantra, ‘Find your melody, sing your song’, represents the idea that young women should be encouraged to be themselves and find their own voice in the world.

We donate 25% of the sale of each Treble Clef necklace to Modern Muse to help fund their amazing work. This necklace makes a thoughtful, meaningful gift that gives back.

Youth Ambassadors from Harris Academy in Bermondsey shared how they felt as young women in education, and some of the issues and barriers they face. They want girls to have more confidence and self-belief, and have the courage to go out into the wider world.

The mantra ‘Find your melody, sing your song’ is their rallying call to young women to be independent, confident and strong. The treble clef is a delicate and pretty design to represent your song and melody. 

Perfect gift for a daughter or niece, still at school; or a young apprentice, colleague or mentee, as they start their career; or someone who loves music and creativity; Perfect Charity Gift 

The charity, Modern Muse informs girls and young women about the working world. They use the Modern Muse website to get career inspiration and advice from Muses and the companies they work for. Muses are women from a variety of backgrounds who share an insider’s view of their day-to-day work lives.

Modern Muse’s vision is to change lives through knowledge; by being the hub for career inspiration and advice. Read more on our blog or find out more about them here.


Chain Length: 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver

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