Sailing Boat Necklace | Sterling Silver

Direction and Dreams Mantra: If not now, when?

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  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain


Our pretty new Sailing Boat necklace brings to life the mantra, ‘If not now, when?’

One of the key themes from the global pandemic has been a desire to not miss out on life, or waste time. We have all learnt, more powerfully than ever, that one never knows what is around the corner.

This mantra captures a sense of taking action immediately, not wasting a moment. It asks you to ask yourself – if I don’t do this thing now, then when am I going to do it?

We can wait until we feel ready to do something – but often, we are really just procrastinating. We can put things off until we have more time, more money, more training, or more expertise – or we can make a start now.

Perfect gift to spur on a friend who needs to take action, or is always procrastinating | a gentle reminder to yourself, to seize the moment and create the life you want

In bringing this to life as a design, we wanted it to be a gentle reminder, not a shout. A sailboat brings to mind the metaphor of sailing off into the sunset. It is shorthand for the fairy tale ending we all want in life.

It gently hints at living your dreams, as you leave the mundane realities of life behind and sail off into a magical world of calm seas and endless sunshine. Let the idea of that happy place nudge you into action.

Whether you need a daily reminder to stop procrastinating in all areas of your life, or whether there is one big dream you could be taking steps towards – hold onto your necklace and ask yourself, ‘If not now, when?’

Choose the ‘If not now, when?’ Sailing Boat mantra if you personally need to be spurred on to take action; or to give a friend that gentle reminder that she needs, to stop making excuses; or when you need a boost to your energy, enthusiasm or activity levels, to seize the moment and create the life you want.

Read more on the blog here.

Mantras are powerful words, designed to have a positive effect on how we feel. Repeating a mantra uplifts and inspires us. Hold your necklace from time to time through the day, and say its mantra to yourself, when you need encouragement or you lack motivation.


mantra sailing boat necklace dimensions

Chain Length: 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain 

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver


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