Be Here Now Disc Bracelet | Gold

Happiness and Wellbeing Mantra: Where am I? Here. When is it? Now.

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  • 18ct Gold-plated Silver
  • Adjustable to 7- 7.5" / 18-19 cms
  • Engravable/Personalisable

Our Disc bracelet is engraved with the words, ‘Be Here Now’, accompanied by a card with the mantra, ‘Where am I? Here. When is it? Now’. One of the key purposes behind Mantra Jewellery is to encourage us to be more present and in the moment - and this bracelet is designed to help with this.

Perfect gift for someone who is easily distracted, or has a busy schedule | or a mindful reminder to yourself to be in the moment more

Through the day, look at your bracelet and bring to mind its mantra. Ask yourself, are you really HERE, in this moment? Or were you thinking about something which happened yesterday, or fretting about something that hasn’t yet happened? Is your mind distracted Stop, and just be here, right now.

We all have so much going on in our lives, and so much information in our heads, that it is hard to shut everything out to really focus on the person in front of us. Our minds are so full of noise and distractions that prevent us truly giving our full attention to what is in front of us.  

Mindfulness is simply a mental and emotional discipline of being absolutely absorbed in the moment, and paying proper attention to it. Use these questions – ‘Where am I? Here. When is it? Now’ - to remind you of the absolute simplicity of thought required. It is simply about being present and in the moment. 

This bracelet, along with our ‘Be still, be present, be mindful’ jewellery, is intended as an aid to mindfulness. A mantra is a positive phrase, intended to change our mood and our mindset. Look at your bracelet and use it to bring yourself back to the moment.

This is one of our personalised bracelets. Your message can be engraved on the reverse of the disc.




Adjustable to 7- 7.5" / 18-19 cms. 

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver, Gold & Rose Gold plating


Letterbox-friendly packaging - fits through your letterbox. We use Royal Mail for all deliveries. Read more here about delivery options and returns

Jewellery engraving at Mantra Jewellery is done by our in-house goldsmith who is a designer jeweller with over 30 years experience.  All of our engraved items take 5 working days to complete, on top of our delivery timeframe.

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