November CZ Birthstone | Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver November CZ Birthstone Pendant
Sterling Silver November CZ Birthstone Pendant
November CZ Birthstone Pendant
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Why not add a birthstone to your necklace, to personalise it even more?  Whether it is a gift for a friend or loved one, or a motivational gift for yourself, a birthstone makes it even more special.

These small pendants are intended as an accessory to add to one of our Sterling Silver necklaces.

We have set a small, faceted Cubic Zirconia stone into Sterling Silver, hanging on a Sterling Silver jump ring, to add to your necklace, each one representing a different birthstone.

November is an orange faceted CZ, to represent a Topaz, one of the birthstones of November. Topaz comes in shades from yellow to blue, but the amber-coloured is the most prized. It symbolises love and affection, and is said to bestow on the wearer strength and intelligence. Add a touch of orange to your necklace, because it’s your birth month, or simply because you love the colour.


Sterling Silver CZ Birthstone Charm

Available in: 925 Silver

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