Moon and Sun Stud Earrings

Happiness & Wellbeing Mantra: May I always find light in the darkness, and sunshine in the shadows

Moon & Sun Stud Earrings
Moon & Sun Stud Earrings
Sterling Silver Moon & Sun Earrings
Moon Earrings in Sterling Silver
Sun Earrings in Sterling Silver
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  • 925 Sterling Silver
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Our beautiful Sterling Silver Moon and Sun Earrings represent the reassuring mantra, ‘May I always find light in the darkness and sunshine in the shadows’.

Perfect as a gift for someone going through tough times | to encourage optimism and positivity | or as a mantra for life | a thoughtful birthday gift 

The moon has a powerful pull on our imagination and our emotions. It lights our way at night, and holds sway over the tides. The sun is the centre of our universe, providing us with life, light and warmth. Without its energy, there would be no life.

Draw on these two powers to bring you strength, hope, comfort and reassurance, whatever you are going through in life, and however challenging your circumstances.

We designed Mantra Jewellery to create a timeless and very personal way of being inspired by your mantra, whether you buy it for yourself or were given it as a gift. Wear your Mantra Jewellery to feel inspired and joyful each day.



Available in: 925 Sterling Silver

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