June CZ Birthstone | Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver June CZ Birthstone Pendant
Sterling Silver June CZ Birthstone Pendant
June CZ Birthstone Pendant
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  • 925 Sterling Silver
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  • Accessory to add to Necklace


Why not add a birthstone to your necklace, to personalise it even more?  Whether it is a gift for a friend or loved one, or a motivational gift for yourself, a birthstone makes it even more special.

These small pendants are intended as an accessory to add to one of our Sterling Silver necklaces.

We have set a small, faceted Cubic Zirconia stone into Sterling Silver, hanging on a Sterling Silver jump ring, to add to your necklace, each one representing a different birthstone.

June is an Opalite-faceted CZ, to represent a Pearl, the birthstone of June. Pearls represent purity, love and wisdom, and are traditional wedding gifts. Add this elegant stone to your necklace, because it’s your birth month, or simply because you love what it represents.



Sterling Silver CZ Birthstone Charm

Available in: 925 Silver

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