Meet the Team, Becky

Name: Becky Bundy

Position: Retail Manager

Favourite Mantra: All things are possible if you believe.

What’s on your myMantra? ‘Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls’ – it’s a quote from Audrey Hepburn. It reminds me to smile.

How do you relax? Listening to music and baking.

Dream holiday destination: I’m dreaming of some Caribbean sun and so a holiday to St Lucia would be my dream destination at the moment.

I’m at my happiest: When I am around people I love. My family and friends are my world.

Guilty pleasure: Shopping, whether it’s for clothes or home furnishings. I am always on the prowl.

If you could give your young self some advice…Find the fun in everything you do, don’t take life too seriously.

What does mantra mean to you? It’s my silver lining, when everything seems too much, my mantra reminds me that everything will be ok in the end.

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