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Disc Bracelets

Beautiful inspirational bracelets for women from Mantra Jewellery, which make inspiring self-purchases and wonderful all-year-round gifts. Choose the perfect mantra to inspire you, from our collection of Mantra Disc Bracelets. Each one symbolises a powerful mantra, brought to life with a shortened form of words, or an emblematic design on the disc. Many discs are also personalisable on the reverse, so we can engrave a special message, name or date on the back of your disc - making a uniquely personal gift to yourself or a loved one.

Made from Sterling Silver, each piece symbolises a powerful mantra, written on the accompanying card. Look at your bracelet for a few moments through the day, to bring to mind its mantra.

Please note: our bracelets are delicate chain bracelets with a lobster clasp - they are not stretchy or elasticated, so please take care when putting them on or taking them off. 

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