Breathe Bar Bracelet | Sterling Silver, Gold & Rose Gold

Happiness and Wellbeing Mantra: I breathe in calmness, I breathe out stress

Gold Breathe Bracelet
Gold Breathe Bracelet
Breathe Bar Bracelet in Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Breathe Bracelet
Inspirational Gold Breathe Bracelet
Inspirational rose Gold Breathe Bracelet
Breathe Bracelet for yoga mindfulness meditation
Letterbox Friendly Packaging
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✔ In stock
✔ In stock
  • 925 Sterling Silver
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Our brand new Bar Bracelet allows you to glance down at your wrist to catch sight of your mantra through the day. Take inspiration from the simplicity of the word, ‘breathe’, and bring to mind the full mantra, ‘I breathe in calmness, I breathe out stress’.

The perfect gift for someone with a busy life, or going through a stressful period | a gift of kindness.

The perfect mantra to embrace serenity; for meditation; or to soothe a busy mind. Designed to promote calmness and aid mindfulness, this mantra encourages you to dispel anxieties and feel at peace. Breathe in deeply, hold, then breathe out.

Mantras are powerful words, designed to have a positive effect on how we feel. Repeating a mantra uplifts us; it reassures and motivates us. Most powerfully of all, it can bring self-belief. Look down at your bracelet from time to time through the day, and say its mantra to yourself, when you need a moment of peace and calm. 

We created Mantra Jewellery to provide you with you a precious, wearable and permanent way of keeping your mantra close to you, whether bought for yourself or received as a gift. Wear your Mantra Jewellery to bring inspiration every day.


Chain length: 16-19cm chain

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Plating

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Letterbox friendly packaging - fits into your letterbox 

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