Stephanie - My Mantra Story

Silver Breast Cancer Haven Necklace

I bought a silver disc, which has a heart on one side, a little stone and space on the back to engrave an inscription. The mantra is: 'You’re someone special. Someone strong. Someone loved'. 

I was travelling abroad to support my sister who was having a difficult operation. This mantra is absolutely her – and on the back I was able to engrave a message we share - ‘beautiful you xx’. I also loved the charity connection with this piece.

I was thinking of giving it to my sister before the operation, but realised in the waiting room this was not possible as all her jewellery was stripped off her. So I waited until after, in the hospital room, and just as I was about to leave, I gave it to her… Tears just sprung to her eyes and rolled down her cheeks, spontaneously – it broke me and made me at the same time, and she wears it to this day.

A gift like this is a silent prayer she can keep close, and it works both ways, knowing she is wearing it. We live on opposite sides of the world, so it nice to carry small things like this close.

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