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Faye's testimonial on Mantra Jewellery

The first time I shopped with Mantra I bought the gold disc necklace which says 'Still, Present, Mindful'.

I was going through therapy and learning about mindfulness and about being present, so it really stood out for me as a reminder to use the skills I was learning.

I wear my jewellery every day, it's there as a physical reminder to be present, mindful and that I've got this! I hold it between my fingers, take a second to breathe and then carry on. It's simple enough to go with all outfits and I layer it with different necklaces too.

The second piece I bought, a year on, was the silver disc which says 'Hero', the mantra being 'She needed a hero, so that's what she became'.

I purchased this to mark the end of my therapy journey of over 2 years, and celebrate how far I have come and what I have achieved. No one could do it for me, I had to do the work myself and become my own hero.

I am hoping next year to get a piece personalised with one of my favourite mantras - 'Keep moving forward' - which I can layer up with my current necklaces.



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