Claire - My Mantra Story

I’d love to share my story with you, to perhaps inspire others, and because I love your thoughtful jewellery.

I have a few mantras that I’m using right now, but the one I’ve chosen for my necklace is.... “This moment is yours. Be in it.”

I have recovered from some very debilitating post-natal depression through the practice of mindfulness. Bringing my thoughts into the present has allowed me to step away from my own false thoughts, to stop ruminating on the past and to release myself from worrying about the future. Being present has allowed me to feel content and happy.  

This phrase reminds me to be still with myself and my experiences. That I do have ownership of myself, that I can make choices and do have freedom to reclaim my sense of self - as well as being a mother. 

It also reminds me to pause, and speak to myself with kindness. This phrase gives me a positivity that I can own my direction and day.

Mindfulness and being in the moment has also helped me to let go of comparison and pressure to strive for perfection - especially in motherhood. Being in the moment is an acceptance of me, my vulnerability and my wonderfulness too.

Whenever I feel lost, I’ll use this necklace to bring me ‘home’ to myself and to my moment. To the present.

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