Lotus Flower Earrings, New Beginnings | Sterling Silver

Direction and Dreams Mantra: I trust in new beginnings

Sterling Silver Lotus Earrings
Sterling Silver Lotus Earrings
Lotus Earrings
Buy Lotus Flower Earrings, New Beginnings | Sterling Silver
Lotus Mantra Earrings
Lotus Mantra Earrings
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  • 925 Sterling Silver
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Our newest disc earrings are engraved with a beautiful ornate Lotus design, and the mantra they represent is, ‘I trust in new beginnings’.

Perfect if you are facing a lot of change in your life | or a gift for a friend who is embarking on a new project or a major change in her life |

We already have this Lotus design on our larger ‘My Mantra’ personalised necklace, and it has proven so popular that we have also brought it out as one of our small disc necklaces and earrings. The Lotus is our logo for Mantra, as it has such power as a symbol of renewal, strength, purity and hope.

Every morning, the Lotus pushes its way up through the mud, to bloom again as fresh and pure as the day before, its flower held high above the waterline. At night, the Lotus closes and sinks under the water, until it emerges again in the light of a new day. Its stem is flexible but strong; its petals, delicate and beautiful.

As it starts over each day, the Lotus is a strong symbol of new beginnings – reminding us that, as each day starts afresh, we have the chance to begin again ourselves. To behave differently, to think different thoughts, to change how we react and respond. And to welcome new opportunities, new projects, new initiatives and new people into our lives – rather than standing still.

A mantra is a powerful set of words, created to make us feel stronger. Repeating a mantra resets our mood, and gives us moments of calm and clarity. Hold onto your jewellery when you feel you need its message, and bring to mind its mantra. Wear your Mantra Jewellery to feel happy and uplifted throughout the day.

Read more about meaning of the Lotus in our blog here


 Available in: 925 Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold plating

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